Tourism and culture



Priority 3.1 - Developing infrastructure and upgrading natural and cultural attractions for tourism purposes

Measure 3.1.1 -Drafting of urban planning documents

Measure 3.1.2 - Construction of mountaineering/hiking trails and their connection with other regions

Measure 3.1.3 - Providing infrastrukture to tourism attractions and their equipping

Measure 3.1.4 - Providing information, signalizations and vizualizations of tourism attractions

Measure 3.1.5 - Revitalization of old houses and construction of facilities in rural areas for accomodation, catering and other business purposes related to ethnographic heritage

Measure 3.1.6 - Construction and revitalization of mountaineer in the region


Priority 3.2 - Torism development capacity building for more balanced distribution of tourism turnover in the region

Measure 3.2.1 - Creating a system for tourist organization in the region

Measure 3.2.2 - Organizing a training system for improving the competencies of tourism stakeholders

Measure 3.2.3 - Improving the work of clusters and other forms of association

Measure 3.2.4 - Introducing a system for recording of tourists

Measure 3.2.5 - Creating an environment for public private partnership

Measure 3.2.6 - Developing a system for managing key tourist destinations and attractions


Priority 3.3 - Creating a regional tourist offer in order to stop the seasonal character of tourism and have balanced use of capacities during the entire year

Measure 3.3.1 - Updating tourist maps

Measure 3.3.2 - Tourism branding of the region

Measure 3.3.3 - Establishing joint tourist programmes/products from the rural, mountain, spa and spaleological tourism together with cultural tourism and supporting tourist agencies in promoting the region

Measure 3.3.4 - Developing the gastronomic offer and its promotion as part of the culture in the region

Measure 3.3.5 - Developing cultural tourism products in rural areas

Measure 3.3.6 - Increasing the competitiveness of the region

Measure 3.3.7 - Promotion of off-season tourist attractions



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