Economic development



Priority 1.1 - Increasing competitiveness of the regional economy

Measure 1.1.1 - Connecting science, education and research institutions in the region with businesses

Measure 1.1.2 - Increasing innovative capacities of companies in the region

Measure 1.1.3 - Capacity building of stakeholders for accessing relevant state and EU funds

Measure 1.1.4 - Special benefits for investors in high technology, robotics and ICT

Measure 1.1.5 - Branding of the region and its main products


Priority 1.2 - Attracting investments in the region

Measure 1.2.1 - Mapping the investment potentials of the region

Measure 1.2.2 - Promotion the economic potentials of the region


Priority 1.3 - Strengthening the sector of small and medium enterprises in the region

Measure 1.3.1 - Strengthening the Management capacities of existing and potential small business entrepreneurs

Measure 1.3.2 - Supporting start-up businesses

Measure 1.3.3 - Utilization of programmes for financing the SME sector

Measure 1.3.4 - Facilitating the operations of traditional craftsmen

Measure 1.3.5 - Support for joint presentation of companies


Priority 1.4 - Sustainability of agriculture and rural development

Measure 1.4.1 - Improving the quality and offer of agricultural products

Measure 1.4.2 - Creatig conditions for rural development


Priority 1.5 - Development of transport and communication infrastructure and spatial promotion

Measure 1.5.1 - Construction, reconstruction and modernization of the road network

Measure 1.5.2 - Application of information - communication technologies



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