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The Centre for Development of the South-west planning region deals with the professional work which is very important for the region. According the Law for balanced regional development, the seat is located in the municipality with the highest number of inhabitants, which in this case is the town of Struga.


The main assignment of this professional body is to prepare the programme for developing the region, in close cooperation with the professional and the academic public, as well as the action plans for its realization. The main activities are carried out with preparing and implementing the projects. Apart from this, the Centre for Development is highly dedicated to strengthen the inter municipal cooperation and promotes the developing abilities of the region. It is especially important to point out the opportunity for cooperation with the regional authorities from the other countries, since one of the EU main objectives is to strengthen the regional development.


The Centre cooperates with the municipalities in the region. It also helps them in providing professional and technical assistance in creating their development programmes, as well as it can assist the NGOs in preparing the projects for regional developments.


The work of the Centre is tightly connected with the Council for Regional Development of the South-west planning region, and for its needs perform the professional and administrative jobs.


The Centre for Development the South-west planning region was founded by 13 Municipal Councils of this planning region, carried out by the councils' decisions, during 2008. From 1 July 2009 the team of the Centre starts with the operative work. The Centre for Development of the South-west planning region has five employees: a manager, three project coordinators and an administrator.

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