Council of planning region


The Council for Development of the South-west planning region is a body for coordinating and caring out the developing policy and it consists of the mayors of the Municipalities within the region. This body organizes and coordinates the activities in following and evaluating, as well as, in caring out the plans for the regional development such as: the Programme for development, the Action plans, the Annual lists of the priority projects and etc. The Council is dedicated to strengthen the inter-municipal and cross-border cooperation, as well as the coordination of the stakeholders within the municipal frames, dealing with the regional development.

Members of the Council for Development of the South-west planning region:



sasho jankoski portrait


Mr. Saso Jankoski
Mayor of Vevcani Municipality


Mr. Hekuran Duka
Mayor of Debar Municipality

zoran nogaceski portrait


Mr. Zoran Nogaceski
Mayor of Debrca Municipality



Mr. Fatmir Dehari
Mayor of Kicevo Municipality


Mr. Konstantin Georgieski
Mayor of Ohrid Municipality


Zhivko Siljanovski portrait


Mr. Zivko Siljanoski Mayor of Makedonski Brod Municipality



Mr. Ismail Jahoski
Mayor of Plasnica Municipality

ramiz merko portrait


Mr. Ramiz Merko
Mayor of Struga Municipality



Mr. Arijan Ibraim

Mayor of Centar Zupa Municipality

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