Work meeting with representatives of the Japanese consulting firm Nihon Suiko Sekei

Representatives of the Japanese consulting firm Nihon Suiko Sekei, today, had a work meeting at the Centre for the development of the South-west planning region, in order to be informed of the efforts made by this institution in the field of water protection in the region, with an emphasis on Ohrid lake and river basin Crn Drim.

Above mentioned consulting firm was hired from Japanese organization JICA (Dzajka) in order to make a detailed analysis of the conditions of the collector system, the possibilities for its reconstruction and completion. The manager Noda Norihiro stresses that they expect, in the following three months, to gather all the necessary data of collection system and water conditions in the micro-region on the basis of what will later be determined what kind of help our country will get from Japanese side.

Japanese experts after the data collection is over will prepare a project document based on which Macedonian side could expect to gain favorable credit or loan to solve problems in the current operation of the collection system, and full protection of water that gravitate around it, which implies connecting over 40 settlements to the present system which at this point polluted waters discharged directly into the lake.


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