Study visit in the region of Lower Normandy

In the period from 8th to 13th May 2012 Manager of the Centre for development of the South-west planning region was part of the Macedonian delegation within the study visit in the region of Lower Normandy (France). This activity is part of decentralized cooperation between the region of Lower Normandy and the Republic of Macedonia axis 5 Tourism.

The aim of the study visit was familiarization with the policies of action for developing tourism in the region of Lower Normandy and with key stakeholders / institutions in this domain. Through the exchange of experiences between the two sides and acquire new practices of action in this area will help develop a strategic approach to tourism development in the Southwest Planning Region of the Republic of Macedonia.

Several meetings were held in the Lower Normandy region with representatives of regional administration and experts in the field of tourism, who presented the structures, strategies and actions undertaken in order to develop this for them seen as an important industry.

Also were given recommendation and examples how to develop tourism in Macedonia, particularly in the South-west planning region. The regional strategy should take into account the needs, ideas and requirements of each municipality within the region. Strategy should be progressive and based on reality, should be known today customers, after 5 years and after 10 years, and therefore should be developed in stages and slowly. Also by the French partners was offered on the website of the Project for decentralized cooperation between Lower Normandy and Macedonia, to set links to Macedonian websites that promote tourism in Macedonia.

During the final meeting with partners from Lower Normandy were given guidelines for further implementation of project activities. By the end of 2012 in the South-west planning region will run the preparatory phase for the preparation of a regional strategy for tourism development. Before this together with all stakeholders in the region will be defined a methodology and an analysis of needs.
At the beginning of next year will begin with preparation of the strategy and will be included also French experts.

It is worth mentioning that in the period from 1-4 July 2012, a delegation from the Lower Normandy led by the President of the region will visit Macedonia. During that visit provided the President of the Lower Normandy and the Minister for Local-self Government of the Republic of Macedonia to sign a new three-year document that will continue the cooperation within the project.



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