Representatives of JICA at the Centre for development

Within the support that the Japanese Government gives to Macedonia, today, representatives of the International Cooperation Agency - JICA, led by the Deputy Director Araki Arefu visited the Centre for development of the South-west planning region, in which were discussed for solving the problem of solid waste in the Region. On the meeting the Manager of the Center for Development, Mirjana Lozanoska, informed the previous steps taken to address this priority issue, and then was discussed about other projects that were realized in the past two years.

Representatives of the Agency were particularly interested in the functioning of the public municipal enterprises, the method of collecting and treating solid waste. During the stay in the Region they will visit several public municipal enterprises and part of the landfills in order to get the full picture of the current situation in managing this problem.

After the analysis, the team which is in Macedonia will be prepared a report, and even then from the headquarters of the Agency in Tokyo will be established fields of future cooperation and assistance types which Centre for development of the South-west planning region can expect.

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