"Let's say another"

"Let's say another" is a play directed by Andrej Cvetanovski premiere that will be performed by the actors from Ohrid on 7 December in Vevcani. The play is a contemporary comedy with grotesque elements which on postmodern context recycles folklore and puts it in a modern context.

As the director Cvetanovski stressed acting will be based on disclosure of Macedonian characters not as heroes but as ordinary people who make mistakes just like all of us. People who are nothing more than what we are ourselves, underscores Cvetanovski.
Performance is financed by funds from the regional projects of the Centre for Development of the South-west planning region, approved by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in 2010 by the Bureau for Regional Development.

Except in Vevcani the performance will be played in Kicevo on 8th December, and the next day in Makedonski Brod, which is one of the objectives of the project for decentralization of cultural events in smaller communities in the region. The play will be found in the regular repertoire of the Ohrid Theatre.




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