Meeting with NGOs

Center for Development of the South-west planning region (CDSWPR), to promote cooperation between CDSWPR and civil society by building mutual partnership, organized three meetings in three micro-regions (on 2nd November in Debar, 3rd November in Kicevo and 4th November in Struga) with NGOs from 13 municipalities which are part of this region. Invited were NGOs which are active and work towards ecology and environment, social welfare, economy and sustainable development, tourism, culture and rural development.


NGO1.gif NGO3


The purpose of these meetings was to inform the NGOs for the purpose of regional development, enhancing cooperation between various stakeholders for regional development with civil society and improvement of communication and use of all opportunities that are delivered in the South-west region.

Recommendations from these meetings are: raising the capacity of NGOs to use the IPA funds, lobbying to municipalities to provide funds which will be used for coofinancing in cross-border projects, networking of NGOs and others.

The recommendations that emerged in meetings with NGOs reflect the respect of high value and opportunities of civil society who can contribute to regional development, and support transparency in the operation of CDSWPR.

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