Preparation of technical documentation

Representatives of the "Hidro Gradezen Engineering", on 10.11.2011, presented the original version of feasibility study for the drainage of waste waters in settlements Vevcani, Podgorci, Velesta, Oktisi, Vevcani and Dolna Belica.

According to their solution will be used by secondary collector from Velesta to the treatment plant which has already been made, and will offer a solution to the problem of all settlements in this part of the South-west Planning Region. Only the problem for Labunishta can`t be solved while the problems which disturb settlements of Vevcani, Podgorci and part of Velesta, Oktisi and Dolna Belica, will become past. With this solution all sewage waste waters are collected by three collectors, collection that will be taken to a secondary collector which has already been carried out.


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By solving this problem, 90% will be solved the problem with fecal waters for Velesta and for collectors for Vevcani and Podgorci, Dolna Belica. We expect that the project will be realistic and possible to implement with low cost according to what was expected. We found economically affordable solution that will completely solved the environmental problem is particularly pronounced in the summer months, especially when we have large concentrations of sewage especially Vevcheni are released into the river, added the Director of Civil Engineering Hydro.

Contractor of the project is the Centre for Development of the South-west Planning Region, and the project is approved by the Bureau for Regional Development after the call for proposals for 2010.


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