Project for performing the system for protection from the wastewater in the Kicevo micro region

Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning is prepared to make available human resources and capacities to come to the realization of the project for construction of systems for protection from wastewater in Kicevo micro region. This system, which covers the municipalities of Kicevo, Drugovo, Zajas, Oslomej, Vranestica and Plasnica, despite a regional also has national significance, because River Treska supplies water reservoirs Kozjak and Matka. This was stated by Minister of Environment and Physical Planning, Abdulakim Ademi at today's meeting in Kicevo, attended by representatives of the Council and the Centre for Development of the Southwest Planning Region. The meeting was convened to prepare the application for use of funds from IPA regional component, which the state receives from the European Union. According to experts from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Skopje, who were involved in the preparation of feasibility study for completing the system are needed 20 million Euros, and it will completely solve the problem of polluted river Treska.


Ademi stressed that the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning has experience in implementation of such systems and therefore requires a willingness and support from the municipalities within this micro-region. If all stakeholders are involved in the preparation of the documentation there is no objection to the planned use of funds from the regional components of the IPA for the year 2012/13, said Abdulakim Ademi.


President of the Council for Development of the planning region, Ramiz Merko expects full support of all 13 mayors of the region in order to realize the system for wastewater treatment. Merko stressed that the Centre for development in recent years demonstrated successful results in managing the projects, so that this project he will not be an obstacle to realization.


Mayor of the Municipality of Kicevo, Blagoja Despotovski using the meeting with the Minister Ademi stressed the need to intensify the process of selecting a concessionaire to manage the regional landfill for solid waste in the Southwest planning region. Manager of Centre for Development, said that in this sense should first overcome the problem of determining the potential locations should be determined jointly by experts from the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and then continue the process of selecting potential concessionaire.


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