Encouraging balanced regional development

Skopje, April 13, 2018 About ten million denars, provided by the governments of Switzerland and Macedonia, will be invested in the eight planning regions in the country this year in order to encourage the development of tourism, the environment, business infrastructure, and the social inclusion. For this purpose, on Friday, in the Ministry of Local Self-Government the minister Suhejl Fazliu and the managers of eight centers for development of planning regions signed the Financing Agreements for stimulating balanced regional development


- The donor's orientation and the Ministry of Local Self-Government are to support infrastructure projects that can quickly produce effects, as well as preparation of technical documentation for large regional projects, with which it can apply in other funds, said the Minister of Local Self-Government , Suhejl Fazliu, who, by the way, emphasized citizens' participation as a new approach in planning regional priorities


In the period that follows at the level of the SOUTHWEST planning region, three sessions will be organized, ie forums with significant regional stakeholders, and through the inclusive approach will be defined the regional priorities, as a result of which the citizens who will participate in the forum sessions will decide which project in the planning region will be financed in the next phase, for which funds have already been provided with the support of the Swiss and Macedonian governments, said from the Center for development of the South-west planning region.


According to the agreement, around 100 thousand Euros will be invested in the SOUTHWEST planning region, which will promote awareness of a common approach in resolving regional issues, involving not only local authorities, but also citizens to address the priority issues of the four thematic areas. With the contract is planned to be supported another project in the amount of 30 thousand euros, which is derived from the Strategy for Innovation, ie from the Action Plan of this regional document


On Friday, Minister Suhejl Fazliu and the managers of the eight centers for development of planning regions signed the contracts with which in the next year will be financed the activities of the Business Centers that operate within each regional center, mainly for providing advisory services for existing small and medium enterprises.




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