Promotion of software application


11.11.2015, Struga. Before the broader auditorium, at the Hotel Drim, was held the promotion of the software application with which are promoted the investment potentials of the Southwest planning region. The presentation was made by the producer - economic operator - GDI GIS Data from Skopje.

The software application based on GIS Platform is created on the basis of the requests of the municipalities, and covers around 100 potential locations for investment in the Region. They are all available on the Internet, and at the same time to potential investors, who online have the opportunity to get acquainted with the investment opportunities in the nine municipalities of the SWPR.

Except this key activity, as the forerunner of the project, was made the procurement of GIS applications (ArcGis for Desktop & ArcGis for Server), they were moved to the appropriate hardware equipment, also was realized training of about 15 representatives from the Municipalities for successful implementation of the projected project activities.


The software application (based on the real geographical area with all the topographic features of the Region) is a multiple, innovative, tool that allows to highlight the comparative advantages of the municipalities and their inclusion in the development trends for spatial planning. In addition, we emphasize that the priority is the efficient management of the construction land (with all attributive characteristics expressed as databases) and putting it into function of local economic development.


The software application enables the use of adequate marketing activities to affirm the advantages offered at the macro level by the country (reduced taxes and fees), as well as the specific features of the municipality concerned. Its convenience/innovation is reflected in the fact that from any point in the world, the potential investor receives not only basic information about the area, but also for certain sites that are in interest. All that facilitates the process of their selection/decision-making, and communication with the indebted persons in the Municipalities for monitoring the interests of investors.


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