Planning workshop for regional projects

In order to achieve better coordination in the planning of the activities for implementation of the Program for development of the South-west planning region (2015-2019), the Center for Development together with the key stakeholders from the Region involved in the regional development, organizes a planning workshop, the measures to be implemented in the four priority areas of this program document. More than 40 participants from the municipalities, the business sector, education and culture, as well as the non-governmental sector discussed in detail the operationalization of the medium-term goals (in the domain of economic development, education and social affairs, tourism and culture and environmental protection ), by proposing specific project ideas.

At the planning workshop, over 50 ideas were identified, which the Center for Development team cleared, interconnected and shaped in a shortlist of thirty proposals, which in the next period are expected to be developed regional projects. This list, in accordance with the legal provisions (arising from the Law on Regional Development), will be considered for consideration by the Council for Development of the South-west planning region, after which it is expected to be finalized.

The Development Center team is expected, by December 15th, to prepare several regional projects that will be submitted to the Bureau for Regional Development, and for which the allocated Budget of the Republic of Macedonia for 2016 allocates slightly less than 28 million denars . According to the developmental commitments of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the funds for regional development for the next year are doubled from three hundred to 600 million denars, with a tendency for further growth.

It is the intention of the Center for Development to develop other projects according to the established list of priorities, which will be submitted to the donor community ie the European Union, the Border Cooperation Programs with Albania and Greece and other potential sources of financing.


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