Agreement with BRD

Struga, May 16. With about 24 million denars from the central budget will be financed two projects in the Southwest planning region to improve energy efficiency in public buildings in seven municipalities belonging to the region, and will also improve services in tourist areas, by setting municipal equipment, ie public toilets in four municipalities. Contracts for the implementation of projects on friday (13th of may) were signed with the Bureau for regional development, and the same should be completed by the end of the year. The ceremony of signing was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Pesevski, who is chairman of the Council for Regional Development of the Republic of Macedonia, the Minister of Local Self-Government Shiret Elezi, the Director of the Bureau for Regional Development Dzemail Elmazi and state secretary in the Ministry of Local Self-Government, Biljana Cvetanovska- Gugoska.


In the Southwest planning region will be realized infrastructure projects in municipalities of Struga, Ohrid, Kicevo, Debarca, Vevcani, Plasnica and Centar Zupa. These are public buildings (four schools and three kindergartens) in which energy efficiency will be improved through roof repair, replacement of carpentry, insulation of facades and installation of heating systems. With the second project will be improved services in the tourist areas, by placing public toilets in Ohrid, Struga, Vevcani and Centar Zupa.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Peshevski, the signing of the agreements is a step towards balanced regional development and improvement of the living conditions of citizens in all regions of the Republic of Macedonia.


- The government is strongly committed for balanced regional development and from year to year the funds invested in the Program are continuously increasing. Thus, this year, the amount of EUR 4 million and 250 thousand euros are almost twice higher than the funds earmarked for 2015, which amounted to 2 million and 160 thousand euros, and are four times higher than the funds allocated for this program in 2014 which amounted to about a million euro, said Deputy Prime Minister Pesevski.

He emphasized that the Government is committed to the implementation of the Strategy for balanced regional development and in that direction will continue to stimulate balanced regional development, it will continuously raise the standard of living of the citizens and thus will ensure faster and stable economic development of the Republic of Macedonia. Minister Elezi emphasized that for this year's budget, which is twice the previous year, 38 proposals have been received, and 26 regional projects have been accepted.




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