Regional innovation strategy

Center for Development of the Southwest planning region, with the holding of a consultative meeting with the stakeholders from the Region, started with the preparation of a regional strategy for innovation. The document, which should be completed soon, aims to stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship and better utilization of the innovative potential of the regions. This should be achieved by strengthening cooperation between research centers and the business community, focusing on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME sector).


Regional innovation strategies are being prepared and implemented with the involvement of representatives from the private sector (chambers of commerce, clusters, business associations), research and educational institutions, as well as the civil sector. For the preparation is engaged group of experts led by prof.dr. Radmil Polenakovic, director of the Business Start-up Center at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University "Saint Cyril and Methodius"-Skopje and president of the National Center for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning.


Speaking to the participants at the first consultative meeting, Prof. Polenakovic stressed that the introduction of innovation strategies for the first time is a significant step in the process of creating an economy based on knowledge. The basic task of the team is through a series of activities that defines the priorities for regional innovation and the innovative potential of the Southwest planning region, bearing in mind the adopted documents at the national level, as well as the benefits that the Region has. After the preparation of the regional innovation strategy, a call for implementation of a pilot measure arising from this document will be launched, and for which € 9,000 are provided by the GIZ - German Society for International Cooperation. Such measures should encourage innovative solutions in order to achieve a more dynamic development of the SME sector.


The process of developing innovation strategies, in close cooperation with the Centers for Development of Planning Regions and Business Centers, is organized by the Ministry of Local Self-Government, together with the GIZ - German Society for International Cooperation.



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