Agreement for financial support of the Business Centers for 2016

The Ministry of Local Self-Government and Business Centers from the eight planning regions, on May 27th, in Skopje, signed an agreement for financial support to the Business Centers for 2016  which foresees the Ministry to allocate 3.2 million denars for their financing, 400.000 denars for each region individual.


- The idea of ​​MLSG for expanding the activity of the Centers for development and bringing them closer to the business community resulted with the establishment of business centers in the eight planning regions in 2014. They provide information on the existing industrial zones in the region and their characteristics and benefits offered by them, a database of regional institutions and firms providing services for development of private sector, an electronic database for regional greenfields and brownfield locations, e-guide for investors with the strategic objectives of the region for the development of certain sectors, information events with issues affecting the business sector, familiarization with the national and EU programs for supporting the private sector and economic development, which arise from the Government's measures.


In the beginning, the project was supported by the UNDP, and now will continue to function with the support of the German society for international cooperation GIZ. The goal of the Government and MLSG is, in cooperation with local authorities and business sector, to increase the competitiveness of the municipalities and the planning regions and to attract investors by facilitating access to the institutions and services, said Elezi, adding that in the forthcoming period the support to the Business Centers will be on preparing innovation strategies. The future of development is in innovation, and centers are those who should exploit the potentials of the planning regions in the most inventive way and to open the doors to bigger investors thus enabling more balanced regional development, stressed Elezi.


Benjamin Moore from GIZ emphasized that the private sector is the driving force of economic development and therefore must be taken into account the needs of business sector. In the next period we will face with many challenges and we have to find a way for more efficient regional development. We should bear in mind that the private sector is the driver of economic growth, said Mor. He stressed that a way must be found to overcome the gap between the business sector, the academic community and civil society, and to specify what must be done about it.


With the support of GIZ one pilot measure will be implemented in the domain of innovation, in each of the planning regions for which 9.000 Euros are provided.



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