Kindergarten in Debar got system of solar energy

In the kindergarten "Brescia" in Debar today was put into operation a system for sanitary hot water with solar collectors, with power to provide hot water for 200 days in a year.

The project was implemented by the Center for development of the Southwest planning region with its headquarters in Struga, in cooperation with the municipality of Debar.

The system was put in use by the mayor of Debar Rruzhdi Lata, the director of the Center for development of the Southwest planning region, Mirjana Lozanovska and the director of the kindergarten "Brescia" Ajrie Dachi.

- This work is very important for this institution where children are cared, educated and socialized to grow up in true personalities. Our cooperation with the Center for Development of SWPR is on high level  and it is expected that other projects will be realized, said Mayor Lata.

The Managerof the Centre, Lozanovska emphasized that the Center that she runs, covers nine municipalities. According to her and in the future other projects will be supported in order to contribute to create better conditions in the kindergarten.

For director of the kindergarten "Brescia" Ajrije Dachi this means a lot in the direction of saving financial means, which would be diverted for other purposes in the interest of the children.

Over 300 children are taken care of in the Debar kindergarten.



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