Two more infrastructure projects

Two significant infrastructure projects, with a total value of about 5 million denars, are approved by the Government of Macedonia, with which Center for development of the Southwest planning region will improve energy efficiency in public buildings, and also to solve more effectively the problem with public municipal waste.


According to the adopted regional projects in three elementary schools - "Koco Racin" - Ohrid, local school in Dolno Lakocerej, "Debarca" - local school in village Orovnik - Debarca and "Necati Zekirija" in village Kodzhadzhik- Centar Zupa, will be performed interventions on roof structures in order to improve the isolation, in Orovnik will be made more intense reconstructions with internal reconstruction of doors, windows, floors and toilets. The investment is about 2,3 million denars. During the year, the Center for developing similar project activities implemented in two schools in "Mirko Mileski" in Kicevo and "Braka Miladinovci" in Struga and kindergarten "Brescia" in Debar. The total investment in order to improve the energy efficiency of the mentioned facilities amounted to about 3,6 million denars.


With the other project, in Ohrid and Kichevo will be installed underground containers in the central city area which will more effectively solve the problem of municipal waste. Its about new modern methods in the storage and raising of waste, said the Manager of the Center for development of the Southwest planning region, Mirjana Lozanoska, which has recently been applied in the country. Our Region, is one of the first, in which such projects are implemented in many municipalities. The first phase were covered Struga and Debar, and now Ohrid and Kichevo, where a total of 4,3 million denars are invested in solving the problem of municipal waste. Positive effects are expected during the touristic season when visitors in Ohrid and Struga will be "spared" from the unpleasant creep that is spreading from the classic containers. In Ohrid in the underground containers will be stored 9 cubic metres municipal waste, which then will be stored and transported to a landfill with a special hydraulics.

Next year, according to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the regional development funds in the national budget are doubled to 600 million denars, of which slightly less than 28 million denars belong to the Southwest planning region. According to the words of Lozanoska, the team of the Center for development of the Southwest planning region is in the phase of preparation of regional projects that will be applied to the Ministry of Local Self-Government, ie the Bureau for Regional Development. It is expected that, with the projects, will be addressed the resolution of significant infrastructure problems, because they are identified as priorities through consultations with the relevant stakeholders from the Region, and above all the municipalities.




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