Public disclosure

Title: Public disclosure of Environmental Management and Resettlement Management Framework - Local and Regional Competitiveness Project in Tourism (LPRC) in Macedonia


Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs (CDPMEA) announces the Project Local and Regional Competitiveness Project in Tourism (LPRC) in Macedonia. The Project will be funded by European Union grant under the IPA II Programme.

The main objective of the Project is to enhance the contribution of tourism to local economic development and improve the capacity of the government and public agencies to foster the tourism growth and facilitate destination management in Macedonia.

Environmental Management Framework (EMF) and Resettlement Management Framework (RSMF) for the Project was produced as a part of World Bank safeguards policy requirements to ensure Project's compliance with national and Bank's environmental and social policies aiming at minimization of overall environmental and social risks.

The document is disclosed as a part of the Project Appraisal process on CDPMEA and Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism web sites from October 19, 2015 until November 2, 2015. Hard copies will be available for review at receptions of aforementioned institutions. Document is available in English language with versions in Macedonian and Albanian language to follow.

Comments, suggestions and questions of interested public are welcomed and can be sent electronically or by post until November 2, 2015 to following addresses:

-        by post: Cabinet of the Deputy Prime minister of the Government of Republic of Macedonia, Bld. Ilinden  no.2, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

-        by e-mail:

Public presentation of the document will be done on Friday October 30, at 11:00 a.m. in Government Building in Skopje.

Feedback will be provided in writing to all comments and questions and will be addressed in the minutes of the public consultation


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