Presentation of SFS projects

The Centers for development of the eight planning regions of the country, on 14.10.2015, organized by the German Society for Technical Cooperation-GIZ Red Program and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, before numerous participants of the international community presented accepted regional projects in the framework of Scheme for financial support. A total of 10 projects were approved, 8 projects for measure 1 - Regional projects for development of the regions, and 2 projects from measure 2 - among regional projects. In total for the development of the projects were allocated 300,000 Euros, or separately 30,000 Euros for each project, while the budget for the implementation of all projects is 38 million Euros. The main intention of the organizers was, through the presentation, to animate international donors in order to approach concrete performance of some of the burning problems that the regions in Macedonia face.


As for the Southwest planning region, as already known to the public, was approved one project from measure 1 (regional project) for Basic project for pedestrian and bicycle paths along Lake Ohrid and the river Black Drim. Namely, the purpose of the project was to build pedestrian and bicycle paths in the Southwest planning region in the length of 42,5 km. The pedestrian and bicycle paths will start from the city of Ohrid to the city of Struga (12 km), then from the HPP Spilje to the city of Debar (5 km), from the town of Debar to Banjiste (5 km), from Centar Zupa to Debar Island (5 km), from the city of Debar to Dolno Kosovrasti (7.5 km) and from Centar Zupa to Melnicki Most (8 km).


Yesterday's meeting in Skopje was welcomed and evaluated as important in the efforts made by the Centers for development in overcoming the problems of the Regions, the Deputy Prime Minister in the Government of Macedonia, Vladimir Pesevski, the Minister of Local Self-Government Lirim Shabani, the Head of the Cooperation Department of the EU Delegation Martin Klauke, Deputy Ambassador of the German Embassy in Macedonia, Hans Hegel Zander, and GIZ Director James Macbeth Forbes.



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