Fourth workshop with the business sector

On May 22th, 2015 in Kicevo was organized the fourth informative event as a part of the project: "Innovative Solutions for Improved Access to Services at Local Level". The informative event was opened with welcoming speeches by the manager of The Center for Development of the SWPR Mrs. Mirjana Lozanoska and the President of the Regional Chamber of Kicevo Mr. Igor Sokoleski. The manager of the Centre informed the attendees about the approved project with special referenceto the Programme for development of SMEs.

On this informative eventwas presented the possibilities for financing of the private sector through the European Union Programme - Horizon 2020. Presentation on this topic held Prof. PhD Mijalce Santa, national contact person for this Programme.  In the first part of his presentation he covered introduction to the Programme Horizon 2020,and the second part continued with the structure of the SMEs instrument, access to finance and participation rules.The presentation was interactive,with active involvement of the business sector with their suggestions, comments and ideas.

On the fourth informative event attended owners and managers of SMEs from the region, representatives of municipality responsible for local economic development and regional chambers.

The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Local Self Government and the United Nations Development Programme.


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