Third workshop with the business sector

On April 29th, 2015 in hotel Drim in Struga was organized the third workshop as a part of the project: "Innovative Solutions for Improved Access to Services at Local Level". The workshop was open with informations about the approved project by the manager of The Centre for Development of the SWPR Mrs. MirjanaLozanoska.

On this workshop was presented the draft version of the Communication Strategy and a Regional Programme and Action Plan for Development and Support of the SWPR Private Sector. Representative of the company Target Communications, Mr. AleksandarCeleski, presented the draft version of this document.  The first part of his presentation covered the content of the document, and the second part continued with the active involvement of the business sector with their suggestions, comments and ideas which can contribute in shaping the final document. This document is of great significance, because it can improve the overall situation in the business sector, meet their needs and interest, and increase the access to information and the degree of participation of the private sector in making appropriate decision at local and national level.

On the third workshop attended owners and managers of SMEs from the region, representatives of municipalities responsible for local economic development and regional chambers and chamber of handicrafts.

The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Local Self Government and the United Nations Development Programme.


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