Finalization of the project for increasing energy efficiency in the South-west region

With final conference, today in Struga (25.11.2014) was finalized 15-month project "Increasing the energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in the cross-border region". This project was implemented by Association "Macedonian center for Energy Efficiency - MACEF" from Skopje and the Center for development of the South-west planning region and "Albania - EU Center for energy efficiency" and regional Council of Korcha from Republic of Albania with funds from European Union through IPA Programme.

Jasminka Dimitrova Kapac, president of Association MACEF, clarified that the activities started in September last year, and also at the same time are realized in Albania through Center for energy efficiency from Tirana. All seven activities of the project were implemented in the South-west planning region. In the framework of the project was designed Study to determine the potential for energy efficiency and use of renewable sources of energy in the cross-border region.

Also, through the project, in 4 municipalities are prepared action plans for energy efficiency for period of three years. Through them, energy efficient will become four school buildings, with total area of 3000 m2 including: Primary school in village Kodzadzik - Municipality of Centar Zupa, Primary school in Korosista - Municipality of Struga, Primary school in Trebenista - Municiaplity of Debrca and Primary school in Dolno Lakocerej - Municipality of Ohrid. In the last period was measured their energy efficiency, and company from Skopje "Delta proekt" is obligated to prepare technical documentation which will serve as a basis for requesting additional funds for solving the rpoblem with losses of energy. After full scan, will be proposed appropriate measures which should be taken in order to reduce consumption of electricity and other sources, and to achieve greater efficiency in heating and cooling.

The project aimed at improving conditions of living and working on behalf of energy poverty, reducing CO2 emissions, and promote the use of renewable energy sources and protection of natural resources in the South-west region.


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