Business center in the South-west region

On 14 November in Struga, Center for development in cooperation with the Ministry for local-self government and Programme for Development of UN (UNDP), in a solemn event, promoted the formation of Business Center for support and consulting services for small and medium enterprises in the South-west planning region. The Agreement for establishing a BUsiness Center was signed by Mr. Alesandro Frakaseti from Programme for development of UN (UNDP), Mr. Lirim Shabani Minister for local-self government and Msc. Mirjana Lozanoska Manager of the Centre for development of the South-west planning region.

Business center is expected to show great functionality and to give assistance to the business community, and the public sector to open the doors for potential investors which will locate their businesses in the region to exploit the human and natural resources.

This project involves cooperation between different actors on local and regional level in terms of strengthening and enhancing economic development. Regarding this, cooperation between different sectors such as public, private and civil society is an essential condition for overall economic development.


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