Energy efficient buildings in SWPR

Today startet activities for measuring the energy efficiency of four buildings in the same number of municipalities which belong in the Southwest planning region for which operator from Skopje Delta Proekt will prepare technical documentation which will serve as a basis for requesting additional funds for solving the problem with energy losses. It is about three school buildings in the settlements Gorno Lakocherej, Trebenishta and Centar Zupa and the building in which are offices of the Municipality of Makednoski Brod. After a full scan of the mentioned buildings will be proposed appropriate measures which should be taken to reduce the consumption of electricity and other resources, and to achive greater efficiency in heating and cooling.This activity is part of the project Increasing the energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in the cross border region which is implemented by MACEF from Skopje, in which the Centre for development of the South-west planning region appears as a partner on whose territory are implemented all project activities.

In the past period all nine municipalities from the Region gave their suggestions, and from which based on criterias, professional jury, selected above mentioned objects for which technical documentation will be completed by the middle of November. Otherwise, according to legal obligations Municipalities have a duty for all objects within their property to make that type of documentation, but unfortunately in practise it does not work. On the other hand there is desire  to reduce consumption of energy sources withour realizing that it is inevitable to design appropriate technical documentation.

Within the mentioned project which is financed by the European Union from the programme for cross border cooperation of Macedonia and Albania were realized a number of activities, and the most important is the Study for EE and RSE which municipalities can use as a basis for providing functional energy-efficient buildings.

Center for development of the South-west planning region together with MACEF the partenrship will use for obtaining funds from the EU to continue the acitivities in the field of energy efficiency on local level.

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