State secretary of MLG visited the Centre

Struga, September the 30th 2014, Ministry of local self government makes every effort to ensure the normal functioning of the eight centers for development of planning regions, as they have been identified as important stakeholders who can contribute to regional development in Macedonia by developing projects with significant impact in mentioned spatial-territorial units, and to overcome misbalances which exist in the country. This today stressed the State Secretary in the Ministry of local-self government, Biljana Cvetanovska-Gugoska, which together with the Head of the sector for legal and administrative affairs at the ministry, Suzana Najkova were for a working visit at the Centre for development of the South-west planning region.

In order to overcome the problems for functioning of the centers for development is being prepared a document in which are proposed several models of financing, from which need to ensure their sustainability in the following period. We hope that, the Government of Macedonia, will accept an appropriate model and through the change of Law for balanced regional development will produce normal operation of Centers for development taking to account the existing problems they face with their current operations.

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State secretary Biljana Cvetanovska-Gugoska, on the meeting, informed for activities that are realized in the Ministry of local-self government, to revive the regional centers for cooperation with the business community, through support from UNDP and the Government of Macedonia should allow opening of new businesses through support of domestic and foreign investors.
During the meeting State secretary Cvetanovska-Gugoska, by the Manager of the Centre for development of South-west planning region, Mirjana Lozanoska was informed about ongoing projects implemented by this regional body, as well as the difficulties faced, and for which, in order to overcome, is needed the support of the Ministry of local-self government.

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