Pedestrian and bike paths in the region

Friday - 26th September 2014, in presence of many important institutions from the region, in Struga, was presented the Study for pedestrian and bicycle paths, which prepared the Technical Faculty from Bitola. It is part of regional projects - approved by the Ministry of Local Self Government in 2014 for the Center for development of the South-west planning region. The main objective of the Study is to create the infrastructure network of pedestrian and bicycle paths that will integrate numerous churches, monasteries, caves and other attractive locations in "the most visited by tourist" region in R. Macedonia.

Otherwise, all spheres of social life directly or indirectly depend on the traffic network and the state of the transport infrastructure, from a traffic point of view, in the South-west planning region lacks alternative paths - environmental and above - suitable for health modes of transport that are practical and desirable to use especially for tourist visits, which are pedestrian and bicycle use, and that was the basic motive for which is designed the Study.

velosip-pes-pateki-1.jpg velosip-pes-pateki-3

As emphasized Prof. D-r. Vaska Atanasova, head of the project, obtaining real data was originally made a survey ​​on a representative sample of respondents (1,100). At a later stage, the paths were designed following the results of the survey, as well as through consultation with cycling associations, surveyors, municipal representatives and experts in the field.

The study included 49 pedestrian and bicycle paths, as well as three additional so-called extreme sports coverage of the nine municipalities of the region. They are under pre projection, so it remains to municipalities in the next period, depending on their interests, to cross to the other phases of the realization of marked paths in the Study.

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