Presentation of PBG projects

Centers for development from 8 planning regions in the country, yesterday in Skopje (20.03.2014), in organization of German society for technical cooperation - GIZ RED Program and Swiss agency for development and cooperation, before numerous representatives of international community presented approved regional projects under the Grant scheme based on performances. 29 projects are approved in total, most of them from infrastructure sphere, and for which are allocated 400.000 Euros, or 50.000 Euros for each Centre for development. The main intention of the organizers was, through presentation, to animate international donors in order to approach on concrete realization of some of the biggest problems facing regions in Macedonia.

For South-west region, as already known to the public, are approved total of 4 projects, for which currently are running procurement procedures. Soon it is expected to be signed contracts with economic operators and to start preparing technical documentation, basic documents for wastewater treatment plant in the neighborhood Trpejca and Centar Zupa, collector from Kalishta to Radozda and Cost benefit analyze for most favorable option for wastewater treatment plant in Kicevo. According to the Contract documents for above mentioned projects should be completed by the end of July, this year.

Very soon representatives for international community will inform municipalities of the Region for acceptable projects, whereby, based on the current activities undertaken by the Centre for development, most attention among donors causes protection of Lake Ohrid. It is realistic to expect grant approval for Trpejca, but it is possible a complete system for protection of the Lake from its western and eastern side. It is possible the grant to be 100 percent which is very important for the amount of money that citizen need to stand out on a monthly basis for wastewater treatment. Far less favorably is if the system is being built through a loan or credit.

Center for development managed through Ministry of environment and physical planning to book 10 million Euros from IPA 3 component for regional development for watewater treatment plant in Kicevo.

Yesterday's meeting in Skopje was welcomed and assessed as significant in the efforts made from the Centers for development to overcome the problems of Regions, deputy prime minister in the Government of Macedonia, Vladimir Pesevski, minister for local-self government Tahir Hani, the Swiss Ambassador in Macedonia, Stefano Lazarova and deputy ambassador of the German Embassy in Macedonia, Hans Hegle Zander.


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