Contract with GIZ

Centre for development of the South-west planning region and German technical association for international cooperation (GIZ RED Programe) signed a contract for financing four regional projects, in the area of drainage and watewater management.

It`s about preparing a basic project for treatment plant in the village of Trpejca, collector from village Radozda to Kalishta, treatment plant in Centar Zupa, and preparation of Cost-benefit analyse (Analyse for the most favorable variant) for the complete system of wastewater on the urban part of Kicevo. Total value of the projects is 50.000 euros, and the deadline for their completion is the end of July this year.

Projects are of a great importance for the entire region because with their implementation will be created real oppotrunities for financing the construction of these infrastructure objects. According to calculations, for implementation of four projects would receive around 14 million euros, from which 10 million are allocated for the project in Kicevo by the Ministry of environenment and spatial planning from the third component of IPA which Macedonia receives from European Union. Real opportunities exist, from the same source, to obtain funds for completing the collection system around the Lake Ohrid from the Macedonia side. This means the completion of a section from Gradiste to Sveti Naum and from Struga to Radozda. According to the analyses this section will cost around 3 million euros.

These major infrastructure projects which are part of the annual priority list of projects determined by the Council for development of the South-west planning region. Part of the funds for preparation of technical documentation of the projects are provided by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.


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