Regional landfill

Integrated solutions for waste management through preparing plans on regional level, as well as overcoming the problem of the existence of non-standard - wild - landfills are key factors that can contribute to Macedonia to become a green destination. This kind of action will contribute so our country for this purpose to have available EU funds, because experience has shown that no country alone can deal with waste. This today, in Ohrid, emphasized Deputy Minister of Environment and Physical Planning MSc Stevo Temelkovski on the meeting with representatives of local government, public municipal utility and Center for development of the South-west planning region.

Meeting in Ohrid is accomplished by the conclusions of the Government of Republic of Macedonia to the preparation of action plans on trimming communal problems of citizens in certain micro- areas which are deemed as hot spots. Bearing in mind that the situation in Ohrid with the waste is not dramatic, by Deputy Minister Temelkovski was appealed subjects actively to engage in order to use European funds already allocated under the IPA program for preparation of regional plan for the South-west planning region. It is expected that, during year 2015, to begin the tendering procedures for use of the approved 10 million Euros to establish the location of the landfill, the potential transfer stations, closure of existing landfills, technical design of the landfill and if it is allowed to supply utilities with new modern vehicles.

Manger of the Centre for development of South-west planning region, Mirjana Lozanoska indicated that appropriate structures are already formed. This period should be used to get a complete picture of the quantities of waste generated in the region and the opportunities that the same to be used, because for potential investors these two issues are crucial if they will invest in a modern landfill or not.
At the meeting with the Deputy Minister of environment, Stevo Temelkoski, representatives of local government expressed commitment to the protection of Ohrid old plane tree, and discussed the need to establish protected zones in Studencica bog because some foreign investors wish to invest funds in the development of new tourist facilities.

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