Study visit in Trieste

30 mayors from 5 regions of central, western and north-east part of the country and the Managers of the Centers for regional development led by the Minister for Local Self-Government are staying for a study visit to Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Macedonian delegation had a meeting with the President of the Province of Trieste.

On the meeting were presented realized projects of cross-border cooperation between Italy and Slovenia, for which purposes are invested over 300 million Euros. Emphasis was given to the Italian approach to cluster association of companies for energy efficiency and marketing.

According to the organizer and financier of thematic study visit, GIZ RED Program, these three destinations are chosen because Italy and Slovenia have extensive experience in project application from EU funds, and Croatia, as Macedonia also until recently used the pre-accession funds.

The delegation visited natural protected area, San Dorligo Della Valle, Municipality of Dorligo, where from the Mayor Fulvio Premolin was shown the system of preparation and financing of projects at local and regional level. Thematic journey continues with a visit to the city of Koper in Slovenia and Pula in Croatia.


Tv Iris


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