Regional projects

Centre for development of the South-west planning region by the end of the year will implement seven regional projects for which are allocated over seven million denars from the Budget of RM for development of planning regions. With the agreement which was signed recently with the Bureau for regional development is planned to be developed three studies and one for using the alternative energy resources, one for touristic potentials of the region, and for treatment of wastewater which enter to the river Crn Drim from Struga to Debar.

Except these, will be performed mapping of significant cultural and natural localities by setting the appropriate road signs, and will be prepared a map of significant sites in the South-west planning region. Centre for development for the needs of public municipal entities will procure equipments - presses in order to resolve the problem with the plastic waste. In one of the projects is foreseen branding of typical dairy products produced in Debar micro region.

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