Minister of Local Self-Government Tahir Hani visited Centre

Five years from the adoption of the Law on Balanced Regional Development is long enough to make a qualitative analysis of the effects of this normative act, especially in the area of overcoming disparities between Skopje and other planning regions in the country. The document should be made ​​as soon as possible and it should be as a material for the session of the Government if our desire is to advance regional development in the country. This today stressed the Minister of Local Government, Tahir Hani, during the meeting at the Center for development of the South-west planning region in which also attended the President of the Council for development, Ramiz Merko.


Minister Hani said he would seek funds allocated from the national budget for regional development to increase, because so regions and municipalities that belong to them will be able to implement projects that will improve the living conditions of the local population. Despite the policy of regional development and decentralization is an important condition for the functionality of the units of local self-government, which should become a real service to the needs of citizens. In order to provide more resources deployed in developing regions, the Ministry of Local-self Government will ask from other ministries, during the allocation of budget funds, to comply with the criteria based on which will approve projects that will deliver Centers for development and municipalities. But, for this municipalities will have to demonstrate that they have the resources and capacity in the management of funds allocated for projects.


President of the Council for development of the South-west planning region, Ramiz Merko asked the Minister Hani to intercede to prevent collapse of the eight development centers, because they are facing great difficulties in securing funds for current operation. In this sense it is necessary to change the Law on Balanced Regional Development in order to find durable solutions for the operation of development centers.

Minister of Local-self Government, Tahir Hani by the Manager of the Centre for Development of South-west planning region, Mirjana Lozanoska was informed about current projects being implemented in this part of Macedonia.



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