Ramiz Merko is elected president of the Council for Development of the South-west planning region

Mayor of Struga Municipality, Ramiz Merko is elected for president of the Council for Development of the South-west Planning Region. At today's meeting of the Council for Development, mayors of 13 municipalities included in the composition of this region, decided unanimously in the next two years Merko to head the Council, noting his commitment to more effective regional policy in Macedonia.


Thanking to the trust, president of the Council for Development, Ramiz Merko, noted that is necessary to consistently apply the legal provisions, especially in the funds that are allocated for regional development. According to the Law on balanced regional development, annually, are projected to allocate funds of one percent of GDP for projects of regional character, said Merko. But, now instead of them to manage the Councils and Centers of the planning regions, a large part of them is distributed through line ministries, stating that the funds are used to solve problems of regional character.


Mayors do not accept such explanations from the central government and require consistent compliance of legal provisions. Otherwise noted that the commitment to overcome regional disparities between Skopje and other planning regions in the country will have no future. According to official statistical indicators, 45.5 per cent of GDP is realized in Skopje and its surroundings. On the other planning regions, the smallest share is at North-east region with 4.5, and most in the Pelagonia region with 12.5 per cent.

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