Promotion of products and creation of network of producers

Centre for development of the South-west planning region started implementation the project "Promotion of agricultural and dairy products in the South-west region". On 29.10.2010, in Ohrid, was held the first training, from four planned, with the theme "Promotion of products and creation of network of producers".

In the training attended representatives (individual producers) from municipalities of Debar, Centar Zupa, Vevcani, Struga, Ohrid and Debarca and lecturers Prof. Dr. Sonja Srbinovska (from the Faculty of Agriculture) and Msc Natasha Dubrova-Mateva (Institute of livestock).
The goals of this project are to be given professional help to producers from the region by local experts, to promote individual producers and their products, creating a network of producers from across the South-west region, and to give technical assistance.
In the project are also planned three more trainings in this subject, which will be part of the implementation during the coming period. Part of the project is also producing a brochure with characteristic products from across the region. The brochure will be published in four languages: Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and English. Also will be created a web portal where all producers from the region will have access for promotion of their products.


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