Healthy food and dairy products

On 05.11.2010 in the premises of hotel "Kicevo" in Kicevo was held second training on "Healthy food and dairy products". On the training attended representatives (individual producers) from municipalities Makedonski Brod, Plasnica, Vranestica, Zajas, Oslomej, Drugovo and Kicevo and lecturers Prof. Dr Suzana Kratovalieva (Institute of Agriculture) and Dr Risto Vuckov (Expert for livestock and agriculture).

The purpose of this training was, with the help of lecturers, producers from this region to exchange experiences concerning the production of healthy food. Also these trainings are a good opportunity to exchange experience among producers and create a network of producers from across the South-west region.
This training is planned to be held, with the same lecturers, in other municipalities (Centar Zupa, Debar, Vevcani, Struga, Debrca and Ohrid).


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