Centre for development of the South-west planning region in cooperation with GIZ RED Program for regional economic development in Macedonia, YES Foundation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway, as part of the project "Creating jobs through internship", announce call for 15 companies interested in internships, for a period of 3 months. The project provides support and guidance of young unemployed people, through trainings and practice, to acquire relevant skills and knowledge, in order to facilitate employment or self-employment and adaptation in work. Through the project, the companies will receive subsidies for hiring for each intern in the amount of 3.000,00 MKD per month.

Practitioners are unemployed people, 22-30 years old, with university degrees, reported in Agency for employment, with past trainings for presentation, communication and negotiation skills, and preparation of business plan.

Companies must meet the following conditions:

- To require the creation of new jobs;

- Headquarters and office premises of companies must be on the territory of the South-west planning region, in the territory of municipalities: Struga, Vevcani, Ohrid, Debarca, Debar, Centar Zupa, Drugovo, Kicevo, Oslomej, Zajas, Plasnica, Vranestica and Makedonski Brod;

- Ensure appropriate workplace for the practitioner;

- To provide appropriate guidance and job duties;

- To provide a symbolic monthly fee of 3.000,00 MKD;

- To cover the cost of insurance at work.

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