Delegation of Lower Normandy at the Centre for Development of the Southwest Planning Region

Struga, July 7 MIA Lower Normandy Region from France, through joint activities with the Centre for Development of the South-west Planning Region, will encourage selective types of tourism in order to prolong the tourist season, which is especially important for higher growth of the tourism economy, stated at today's final, shared, meeting with representatives of regional authorities and other stakeholders of tourism organizations and associations of this French region, which in the past few days were guests of the South-west Planning Region.

After visiting many resorts in the Region, was concluded that cooperation can be achieved in the field of intensification of rural tourism, because there are a lot of potential, said Sandrin Fanzhe, Head of Department for Tourism Development in the Region of Lower Normandy. She stressed that the Macedonian side, can also take advantage of the French experience in the process of professionalization of tourism workers, as well as observation of the tourism economy, especially in terms of customer needs.

Was agreed to jointly work on promoting the tourism potentials of the South-west Planning Region, for which, jointly by French and Macedonian side by the end of August will be prepared an action plan. In preparation of action plan, the Macedonian side, will include the National Agency for the promotion of tourism, which according to French experience, in particular should be of great benefit to small service providers in tourism, which in the region has in abundance, but unfortunately remain unknown to foreign visitors.

According to the head of the Centre for Development of the South-west Planning Region, Mirjana Lozanoska, it is important that, through cooperation, to achieve visible results, which in turn will positively affect the development of local initiatives in the region. It should be noted that several municipalities in the Region of Lower Normandy in recent years together with the municipalities of Ohrid, Struga, Vevcani and Debar in various domains of social life.


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