PUBLIC INVITATION for unemployed people interested in the internship

Centre for Development of the South-west Planning Region in cooperation with GIZ RED Program for regional economic development in Macedonia, YES Foundation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway, as part of the project "Creating jobs through internship", announce call for 15 unemployed persons interested Internship for a period of 3 months. The project provides support and vocational training of young unemployed people through training and practice to acquire relevant skills and knowledge in order to facilitate employment or self-employment and adaptation in work.

For the work of interns is provided gross monthly financial support in the amount of 6,000.00 denars, which amount includes the cost of personal tax and insurance at work. According to the identified needs among the interested companies, potential candidates for internships should meet the following.

- Unemployed people aged 22-30 years;
- To be reported to the Employment agency;
- University diploma based on required qualification;
- To be residents of the Municipality of South-west Planning Region.


Qualifications required by the companies headquarters and activities:

Company PZU "Dr. Dicoska" from Kicevo needs:

1 graduate doctor of medicine.


Company "Sefa Trans" from Struga needs:

1 graduate student in Economics or Public administration.


Company "Jove" from Ohrid needs:

1 graduated on thermo energetic (Mechanical Engineering), have knowledge of AUTOCAD


Company "Ineks Gorica" from Ohrid needs:

2 gastronomes (cooks)


Company "Hajba Tours" from Ohrid needs:

1 intern graduated on Economics, Tourism, Geography. Fluent in English, working with computer and internet


Company "VPA" from Ohrid needs:

1 graduated in Economics (marketing, fluent in English)

1 graduated in Economics (management, fluent in English)

1 graphic designer (fluent in English)




Interested persons can apply by sending a short description (CV) on: or until 21.07.2011.


Contac person:

Valon Kaba

Tel.:  (046) 550-146

Mob.:  072-316-883


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