Implementation of regional projects

Centre for Development of the South-west Planning Region, approved by the Bureau for regional development for year 2011. In three projects are included all 13 municipalities from the South-west planning region, which are: Selection of waste and purchase of containers for plastic and letter, Purchase of equipment for detection of loss of water in the South-west Planning Region and Organizing caravans with folklore groups, presentation of traditional food and costumes, and ethnic shows in 13 municipalities from the South-west Planning Region.


In other three projects - Feasibility study for the drainage of wastewater from Gradiste to St. Naum, Preparation of technical documentation for sewage for Vevcani and settlements Velesta (part), Podgorci, Oktisi and Dolna Belica and Set point for measuring greenhouse gases and air pollution from TEC "Osllomej" and prepare a study with proposed measures for protection from air pollution, as partners are three municipalities from the Region.


Total amount of the project is more than 12 million denars, funds granted by the Government of Macedonia for development of planning regions. Projects are aimed at solving some current problems in the region, and to reduce disparities between regions and developing initiatives for closer to the European Union.



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